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Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances

My part: Art Direction, App- and Logo- Design, Concept Art

Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances, GDI HQ concept Art


GDI finished model with textures


GDI in-game recruitment screen – showing the mammoth tank selected


Forgotten Base with Forgotten-Orb, getting this thing is part of the phenomenal endgame

Command & Conquer Red Alert Alliances – Concept

POSTED ON August 23rd  - POSTED IN 3D Modeling, Art Direction, Concept Art, Mobile Games

Art Bible Cover


early tests; 3d background blockings


early rendering tests with fully detailed building graphics

final compositing of the base shot – reduced the texture detail for mobile readability (Photoshop enhanced)


Level progress of a tank model

single building – detail reduction for mobile readability (reduced – reduced with errors – original)

Logo & App Icon design


DSA – The Dark Eye: Drakensang

POSTED ON August 22nd  - POSTED IN 3D Modeling, Concept Art, Texturing/Shading

Concept Art: the elves architecture on “Spider Island”

Concept Art: different race’s architecture traits (dwarfs – humans – cyclops – cave goblins – dragon warriors – elves)

Concept Art: Spider Island


Level Texturing with applied Light Map and FX. – Murolosch throne room.

Level Lighting – Light Maps: Murolosch, main capital of the dwarfs – here you can see how the level looks like without textures, just with light sources placed all around different locations.

I did several of these test renderings before baking the final light maps. Later on, fx torches have been placed everywhere  the light map suggested it.
The idea was to use two kinds of opposing colored light sources, an orange one, and a turquoise.