Welcome to the portfolio page of Karsten Mehnert!

As Digital Artists, Illustrator and Art Director I have over 10 years of experience in the film and computer games industry.
I’m very honored to have worked on such brands as “Command & Conquer Play4Free” from Electronic Arts, “DSA Drakensang” from Radon Labs
and the feature film “Jasper and the travel around the world” from ToonsNTales (Twenty Century Fox).
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Galactic Sign: Alien Commander Zbrush

Jasper: Ocean Shading & Texturing Photoshop, Bodypaint

The Dark Eye "Drakensang": Spider Island Concept Art

Lord of Ultima: Marketing Artwork Maya, Photoshop

Sketchbook (1995-2015)

Areas of Expertise:

  • Art Direction (mobile game, mobile app, corporate design, online, print)
  • Concept Art (brand, character, environment, prob design, lighting)
  • Story Boarding (process illustration, story driven character development & film
  • UI & User Experience Design (browser, mobile, optimized used acquisition and flow)
  • 3D Character Animation (gravity, weight, timing, spacing, lip-sync)
  • 3D Environment Art (concept, level art, modeling, texturing, elevation and progress)

Management Skills:

  • Establish and maintain Creative Vision (art and development team)
  • Leading art teams & enhancing workflows; 5-20 art team (technical flows and creative skills)
  • Project Pitching (clients, publishers)

Software Skills:

  • Maya – Expert (10 years: polygonal modeling, shading, rendering and rigging)
  • ZBrush and Mudbox – Pro (5 years: human anatomy, animal anatomy, hard surface modeling)
  • Bodypaint – Pro (4 years: seamless painting, layering)
  • Photoshop – Expert (15 years: painting, retouching, vector illustration)
  • Excel, Powerpoint, Word & Outlook (10 years: scheduling, managing, presenting, writing)
  • After Effects (5 years: compositing, keying, animation and fx)
  • additional: Adobe Premiere

Game & Feature Film Experience:

  • 3D Modelling (Sub-Ds, Polygons, UV-Layout)
  • Texturing (Photoshop, Bodypaint, Filter Forge)
  • 2D and 3D Animation (Trixter Munich, Twenty Century Fox)
  • Art Direction (EA – Electronic Arts, Envision Entertainment)